Charlie Hebdo Mocks the Death of Syrian Kid Aylan Kurdi

“Christians Walk on Waters… Muslim Kids Sink”, Charlie Hebdo Mocked the Death of Syrian Kid Aylan Kurdi


On the morning of January 7, 2015, two brothers entered the office of Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical magazine and opened fire on the people. The world mourned the death of those 12 people who lost their life fighting their right to expression.

Worldwide people came out in their support and everyone became Charlie Hebdo with ‘Je Suis Charlie Hebdo.’

We supported their right to express and felt that the extremely violent move against them was uncalled for. In their next edition, they sold 1 million copies.

However, this time, Charlie Hebdo went way too far and hurt everyone’s emotions. They mocked the death of the Syrian kid migrant Aylan Kurdi, the news of which had left the world shaken.


What did they do?

They featured a front page cartoon of the three-year-old Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi with McDonalds in the background. The line read ‘Two Menus Of Children For The Price Of One’.



Their second edition featured another cartoon with a drowned kid next to Jesus Christ standing on water. The caption read, “Christians walk on waters… Muslim kids sink.” The title of the cartoon was ‘The Proof that Europe is Christian.’



What’s funny in that?

Nothing. What’s satirical in that? Nothing. Maybe the humour is lost in translation, but I don’t think the unfortunate death of an innocent kid can be humorous in any language, culture or religion.

It is satirical, not meant to be taken offence in. However, this is going too far. The Syrian crisis is affecting more people than we can imagine, there are people without houses who struggle to keep their families safe and alive. Right now is not the time to mock a catastrophe.

It will never be a good time to mock a catastrophe.

Not fair, Charlie Hebdo. This time we aren’t on your side.


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