Modi’s claims of development in Gujarat totally false

Raghuram Rajan Committee report demolishes Modi’s claims of development in Gujarat

The BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is going to fight the next general elections on the development plank, and he puts forth Gujarat as the model of development. At public meetings, he has been appealing to other states and the Centre to follow his model. But the latest index released by the finance ministry may prove to be a pinprick. It shows Gujarat has not done as well as Narendra Modi claims it has.

The exercise was to categories Indian states under three heads for funding purposes: least developed states, less developed states and relatively developed state. Gujarat is at 12th position from top on the development index. At the bottom is Odisha and the Goa sits on top of the list.
Gujarat falls in the less developed category. With this new categorisation, Finance Minister P. Chidambaram has sought to do away with the special status.

The Raghuram Rajan Committee had made the recommendation that states that score 0.6 and above on the index may be classified as least developed; states that score below 0.6 and above 0.4 may be classified as less developed and the states that score below 0.4 may be classified as relatively developed.

The Committee has proposed a general method for allocating funds from the Centre to the states based on both a state’s developmental needs as well as its performance.

As per the list, Odisha, Bihar, MP, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan come under the least developed category. Under the less developed category come Manipur, West Bengal, Nagaland, Andhra Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir. Mizoram, Gujarat, Tripura, Karnataka, Sikkim and Himachal Pradesh. In the list of relatively developed states come Haryana, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Goa.

The report has been put in public domain for further fine tuning.

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